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Helping Early Childhood Educators find that perfect Centre that matches their teaching style, philosophy, and personality.

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Finding that perfect early childhood educator for your center is much easier to do when you can get a real sense of their personality during the screening process. This is why at educator connect we are committed to helping early childhood educators create profiles that capture their personality and share their unique qualities with prospective employers. in addition to viewing their resume and other cover letter, our candidates complete a personalized profile where they can share much more of themselves, including their very own personalized video introduction of themselves.

Secrets from an Early Childhood Educator Extraordinaire

Learn what it takes to become an amazing early childhood educator with this interview! Early Childhood Educator Extraordinaire, Candiss Brown, brings her thirty plus years of experience to us today as she shares secrets from the classroom and most importantly, from her big heart.

If you are looking to offer your families a consistent, professional tour of your school without any interruptions, consider having a professional team (Early Learning Reporter & Professional Video Team) create a tour for you that will showcase your school and your presentation in the best possible light to get your message across the way you intend it to be delivered every time. For more information, please email us at with the subject line: Virtual Tour Inquiry and we would be happy to share our details with you! In the meantime, you can check our work below if you’d like to know more about us!


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Welcome To Educator Connect

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Becoming an early childhood educator is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to make a positive impact on the lives of young children. If you’re passionate about working with children, love to have fun, and want to make a difference in the world, then sign up as an early childhood educator today! Our program will provide you with the training, support, and resources you need to succeed in this fulfilling career. Join us and become a part of a community of dedicated professionals who are committed to shaping the future of our youngest learners.