Did you know that using Finger Plays in the Early Childhood classroom increase children social, cognitive, emotional, physical, perceptual, speech and language, self help and creative development….Woah. Yes it is that important!

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What are Finger Plays?

Finger Plays are rhymes, chants and poems used with finger motions that encourage children to participate by using fine motor (small muscles) and speech and language.

Usually finger puppets can be added to each finger to engage and provide children with a visually appealing character/image to follow along with.

Curriculum Areas:

Math: Have children count the finger puppets with you as you place each puppet on your finger.

Language: Introduce new vocabulary word in the song/rhyme/chant.

Music & Movement: Encourage children to listen and sing a long, strengthening their auditory skills, memorization and ability to focus for the duration of the finger play.

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Drama & Story Telling

Dramatizing and story telling through finger plays is an excellent opportunity to have children tell you what happened first, next and last. If the story becomes creative and doesn’t unfold as the original that is also a great opportunity to come up with a new version of the Finger Play. Build that self esteem, boost up their confidence and creativity.


Early Childhood Educators should be familiar with Finger Plays and how to use them in the Early Childhood Classroom.

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